Saturday, November 16, 1996

What more healthy foods can I feed my dog?

I now have my 44lbs 7 month old boxer on an all avocado diet. The reasoning behind this is because it contains fats, healthy fats that are good for him I do believe. I will twice every week mix 1 cup puppy food in with the 2 avocados in the morning he eats. 2 in the after noon and three before bed. My dog is spoiled. It is quite expensive, but I can easily afford it. Does anyone have any tips as to what other foods I could give my dog to bulk him up while keeping him healthy? I mean 44lb boxer at 7 months? Is that good? Average or below average? I appreciate all you help.

Answer on What more healthy foods can I feed my dog?

oh my god. are you lying? you will kill your dog, slowly and painfully with malnutrition. And poisoning since dogs should not eat avocados. Feed her DOG FOOD ONLY until you know how to feed a SAFE, BALANCED HOMECOOKED DIET and get him to a vet asap for bloodwork to see how much damage you've done.

Add: "raw meat as in cooked or actually raw" lol
you "trolls" really should do some thing like volunteering at a hospital or something, way too much time on your hands.