Tuesday, October 29, 1996

Survey - if your a twin :)?

1) What are your current age?
2) What is the time difference between your births?
3) Do you have any other siblings?
4) Do you know of another set of twins in your family ?
5) What type are you (Identical, Fraternal) ?
6) What are your current occupations/field of study?
7) Do both of you find that you get mad at equal times?
8) How ofter do you get into arguments ?
9) When was your last argument ?
10) When was the last time a minor physical problem occured (ie one slaps other, one pulls other hair) ?
11) When was the last time a major physical problem occured (both decided to fight back)?
12)Have any of these fights occured in a Public Place like a School or Mall? If So Where, and what kind of fight was it (argument, fist fight)?
13) Have any of your fights lead to authoratative problems? (suspensions, detentions, arresting)? If so what, and how long ago?

Answer on Survey - if your a twin :)?

Hehe, a question for me :)

1. I am 13 at the moment, 14 in August.
2. My twin sister and I have only 2 minutes of age difference, haha -- I'm the younger one :D
3. Yes, I have one other sister, and she's three years older than me.
4. No, there are no other twins in my family that I can recall.
5. We are Identical twins ^-^
6. Well, none, we're both only 13. But we both go to middle school, she enjoys science and math a lot, and same with me.
7. Hmm.. Sometimes we get mad at the same time. Probably more than we get mad separately.
8. Well with me and my sister, sometimes we're [kinda] close, but we do have a couple fights here and there.
9. Our last argument was a pretty long time ago. And it is never anything physical..
10. Well, regarding my last answer, I have only hit her once, and that was when I was like 5 years old :P
11. This has never happened. Me and her usually try to avoid physical contact with anyone..
12. I've been aggravated with her at public places, but it's only really resulted in me just being kinda short tempered with her. But we don't hit.
13. No, that's never happened with me and her.

Hope those answers are okay.. I'm not a very physical person. Are you a twin? Or just curious?
Oh yeah, and we may seem very similar by these answers... but we're nothing alike >_>