Monday, October 28, 1996

What are some good ideas for diet food?

now by asking this i don't mean that i need someone to list off foods that are healthy to eat. i'm not a complete noob when it comes to what's good for me to eat. :) i'm asking for some suggestions on what to make for lunch and dinner. i'm on a diet, and i'm looking for "quick fixes" that i can whip together easily. for example, i make grilled chicken a lot, how do you make it? i'm trying to try different ways of making things so my lunchs and dinners aren't boring :) if you're on a diet, what do you usually eat for lunch and dinner? i usually try to eat a salad for dinner...what are some suggestions for a tasty salad? i usually have a mix of cucumbers, romaine lettuce, baby greens, walnuts, tomatoes, carrots, seasoning, and some olive oil/vinegar sprinkled on the top. looking for any more creative salad ideas as well.
*sigh* i know this is a lot :) but it gives you a lot of room to answer freely. any ideas are welcome for some good/quick diet recipes. thanks! :)

Answer on What are some good ideas for diet food?

it is always good to eat tuna salad, scoop out some trader joes white albacore tuna mix in 1 or 2 chives, tomatoes, finely minced cucumbers, half a lime some garlic powder, cumin to taste. Sounds gross but tastes great