Saturday, October 5, 1996

Have you heard?

Drake Bell's new song. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! it rocks. he has matured so much and on teen nick last week i saw him he has facial hair NOW. he finally all grown up. BUT NEWAYZ Have you heard his song "I know". hit ya gurl back.

Answer on Have you heard?

yes i love him and his song! its a really beautiful song! and his video ROCKS too!!! i totally get the meaning and it was a really awesome idea! i agree hes definitely matured alot..i listen to Telegraph then i listen to his new songs and theyre sooo different. i mean you can still tell its him singing..but his voice has gotten even better and his lyrics are more awesome than ever. but i dunno if he has facial hair now. cuz although he had it in the TeenNick special..i just saw a video on AOL of him which is pretty recent and he has all of his face shaved. i like that look better..he looks sooo cute! i hope it stays that way.