Friday, October 4, 1996

I am Constipated, and need advice?

i am 13 years old and weigh 51.3 kg and i dont have a very healthy diet.
it happened to me 4 months ago and i ended up heaving an enema, and i managed to pass it.
but it has happened again and i make it to be about a week and half maybe longer since i last went to the toilet.
since the 4th day of not going i have been drinking fair amounts of water, been having plenty of fiber, such as dried apricots and these special biscuits filled with bran, i have been trying to get some exercise done and i have been staying away from certain consumables such as coffee or cheese.
i heard that warm drinks can help so i tried that.
i also have tried stool softeners but still have had no luck.
i also tried an enema which i think was a fleet enema and i didn't have any luck with that so the next day (today, the 11th of april) i tried another one
i have yet to get any results but may have more luck later in the day.
if it doesn't work, i plan to see my doctor
by the way i do realize the seriousness of my problem and im very concerned.
i believe i have a blockage in my bowel.
if anyone knows anything i could try such as different medicines or foods that could help, please tell me. Thank you

Answer on I am Constipated, and need advice?

I would go to the doctor. It's not worth being in that kind of pain and having the problem continue.