Tuesday, September 17, 1996

Should I go to Greece or Italy?

My friends and I are planning to go on holiday together for summer and we've been thinking either Greece or Italy.Which do you prefer? In terms of...everything, really! Food, stuff to do, things to see...
Where would you go, or if you've been to both, which did you like better???

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Why is Miley Cyrus such a 'slutt'?

What I mean is, how come it's considered slutty and wrong for Miley Cyrus to be sexual but totally ok- and even encouraged- for other stars to be sexual?

It seems like people expect this girl to be virginal and innocent for life. Whenever she does something sexual people have a moral panic and start going on about what a tramp and a bad role model she is. But other stars have been just as provocative- if not more so- than her without being criticized so harshly. Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Riahana, and Katy Perry are some examples. (Gaga can get away with anything for some reason). I could come up with many more provocative stars if you want me to.

At first I thought it was because of Miley being underage. But people are STILL criticizing her for being too provocative even though she turned 18 last year. On her 18th birthday party people called her a slutt for wearing a shirt that showed her stomach and kissing a boy. WHAT HOLLYWOOD STARLET HASN'T KISSED A BOY OR SHOWED HER STOMACH! Even innocent Selena Gomez has done both of those things. Recently there was a picture of that 18 year old disney star cuddling with and kissing a famous minor (Justin Bieber) while wearing a skimpy bikini, but nobody's fussing about that.

People used to complain about Miley being too young to be sexual because she was 'only 15', 'only 16' or 'only 17' because she wasn't 18 yet. But now that she is 18, some people are saying things like 'she's not even 20.' So what? Not all stars wait until they're 20 to be sexual.

Then I thought it was because of her young fans. But Beyonce and Lady Gaga have lots of young fans too, and that doesn't stop them. Michelle Obama even called Beyonce a great role model for young girls.

Miley Cyrus isn't even on Disney Channel anymore. She's already filmed the final episode and has moved on to non-disney projects. Of course not everything an adult who's in Hollywood does will be 'appropritate' for little kids. She isn't for little kids anymore. Get over it. If the other stars I mentioned get to bask in their sexuality, then Miley should be able to also. What's the double standard for?

Answer on Why is Miley Cyrus such a 'slutt'?

She's not. She acts like a normal teenager. I mean, who HASN'T done all the stuff she's done? Miley's uber popular and when one person does something she does, that person doesn't get criticism, but Miley does. America is full of double-standards & it needs to stop. People need to do themselves a favor and get off Miley's back & let her live her life.