Monday, September 9, 1996

Has anyone tried Healthe Trim?! If so, what were your results if any?

Please don't comment with saying diet pills don't work, thats not what I am asking. Thank you :)

Answer on Has anyone tried Healthe Trim?! If so, what were your results if any?

If you want to know if Healthe Trim works, you're out of luck. It's marketed as a dietary supplements which means no one has to test it on anything. Here's what you need to know about supplement scammers.

Dietary supplements are poorly regulated in the US. They do not have to conform to the stringent standards applied to pharmaceuticals or food products by the FDA. The result of this absence of oversight has been a scammer's dream and the scammers have made the most of it. A huge and powerful supplement industry has grown up around this lack of government oversight which was designed to give people the freedom to explore homeopathic, naturopathic, and alternative remedies.

Not all supplements manufacturers are frauds. There are well established companies such as Bayer and Pfizer which provide high quality supplements such as vitamins. However, the diet and fitness supplement markets are fraught with countless scammers who know very well how much people want to believe there is some easy way to lose fat or add muscle. These "sharks" know how to use the internet to their advantage.

The scammers advertise their products in the usual way with commercial dot com websites. However, they also will publish blogs, reviews, scientific mock articles and white papers, and even scam stories so no matter where you look in the dot com part of the web you'll find only good things about their products. The are very good at "gaming" the search engines so all you will find is what they want you to find. And, of course, they make sure these phony websites are not traceable to them. You can learn more by watching this CBS new video -->… (you'll have to sit through a quick commercial message first).

Anyone who believes there is an easy way to lose fat or add muscle should ask themself the following questions.

1. If there was an easy way to do hard things like burn fat or build muscle, why doesn't the whole world know about it? How could that be kept secret when that's what so many people desire?

2. If there were supplements that could help burn fat or build muscle, why haven't the huge and powerful pharmaceutical companies taken it over? Why let the scammers like GNC and Weider continue to make $millions off the public when they have a much greater capacity for providing such products?

3. If there was a supplement that helped people shed pounds, why doesn't your doctor know about it? If you're overweight, why doesn't your physician just give you the pill or recommend the acai or HCG diet or whatever? Why are physicians always telling the same story about obesity and how to cope with it?

4. Why do people pay big bucks to have liposuction or stomach stapling if supplements could really help them to lose fat?

5. If protein supplements, creatine, nitrous oxide, etc. really helped build lean muscle mass, why don't Olympic athletes use them? Why don't they feed them to our military personnel in boot camp or billets around the world? Why are they not used in every police department or correctional institution around the US? Why don't the scammers tell you their success stories?

There is only one good answer to all of these questions. Most of the supplements which are supposed to make you lose fat or add muscle just don't work. It's really that simple.

Old time bodybuilder Joe Weider built a huge industry on the back of the young male's desire to be muscular with supplements being one of the key components of his scamming. Go here --->… for an overview of how much trouble Weider and his bogus products have caused the federal government. Or go here --->… to see some of the many warning the FDA and FTC has issued for GNC's bogus supplement products.

If you're interested in burning fat of building muscle and you see a product which claims to help, be very skeptical. The golden rule for intelligent consumerism is still...

"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

Remember, you will find little information from your government telling you how fake, phony, and fraudulent most supplements are because you have been given the freedom to be stupid, to pollute your body with worthless concoctions, and to spend your hard-earned money in pursuit of impossible dreams if you want to. That was the purpose of the 1994 DSHEA. Details are here -->…

Good luck and good health!!