Saturday, September 7, 1996

Why does every one fight over Drake Eminem?

Drake and Eminem are both REALLY good artists. But two completly different genres. Drake is pop, Eminem is Rap. That is like comparing Slipknot with Carrie Underwood, and trying to see who is better.

Answer on Why does every one fight over Drake Eminem?

i think its because drake is new, and eminem is back. theyre both on top of the world right now, and while drakes genre is mostly pop, he does incorporate rap. its the same with wayne and em, people want one person to be "the greatest" yet, theres a lot of great rap and pop artists out there. wayne and em, even though wayne is definatley newer to the scene, are at the same level. plus, em does a lot of different stuff, from underground, to pop. and that confusion makes people want to compare him to people, he probably shouldnt be compared to, like drake. hope i helped