Thursday, September 5, 1996

Chest and back pain????????????????????????????

Hi, At the end of January this year I went for a night away with my university. Before hand I was panicing as i didn't want to go (probably made it worse). I went there and our room was up 4 flights of stairs. After a couple of times walking up them, i felt pains in my chest and back, also finding it hard to breath, had a headache and felt dizzy. This called out an out of hours doctor and he said it was a chest infection and to take some tablets. He told me to go to see my doctor when i got back home. I went to see my doctor and he said it wasn't a chest infection but didn't say what it could of been, and when i asked he wont answer. Since then I have had pains in my chest on the left side mainly (but also sometimes on the right), the pain is mildish, but varies in intensity and only lasts for about 1 minutes about 6ish times a day. I have the same pains in my upper back on the left side (it feels like muscle strain). I am overweight (but am currently on a diet and exercising - i originally thought it was muscle strain for exercising). I have asthma, I don't drink or smoke. I get acid reflux and have also had colds and a bad throat recently. I also am getting pains by my shoulder and the top of my left arm and the rest of my arm feels like the bone is cold. I am worried that it is heart problems but every time i go to my doctor he gives the impression he think im making it all up. I'm getting quite worried now, my family say i shouldn't worry as it could make it worse. Does anyone know what it could be.

Answer on Chest and back pain????????????????????????????

You seem to be going through a lot of the same symptoms I have. I have a mild case of GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) therefore I constantly worry about everything and sometimes that makes me physically sick. Even to the point where I throw up. Also, I have acid reflux. My doctor said acid reflux goes hand in hand with anxiety because your stress has to go somewhere, and commonly people who have anxiety have acid reflux. My acid reflux causes me to have chest pain and I get constipated giving me back pain in my middle back right below my rib cage. Also, if I eat the wrong foods I have very nauseous, sometimes I feel dizzy and feel like I need to vomit.

But the good news! I take a herbal remedy called Passionflower for the anxiety and it works wonders! Completely safe with no side effects as well, it's a gift from God! And I also take prescription Prilosec for the Acid Reflux, which also works amazingly!

If you're wondering where I got the suspicion of anxiety it's because I went to doctor for chest pains- had ekg, chest scan and blood work drawn- all the tests came back negative and said i was completely healthy. My doc said I was prob having anxiety about the chest pain (acid reflux) which caused all the false accusations. I worried a lot before the passionflower.

I really hoped this helped, and I am also 19! & Keep working out, your body will soon start to show you how much it appreciates you! I work out everyday and that helps me so much!