Monday, August 26, 1996

How can I eat foods I don't like?

I know fruit and veg is very good for you, and so are things like nuts and seeds but I don't eat any of them because I can't stand them. Especially veg, I pretty much live off bread and yoghurts but now I'm lactose intolerant and my diet is becoming very restricted so I need to learn how to eat these things without gagging. Any tips?

Answer on How can I eat foods I don't like?

Generally, pinching your nose (removing your sense of smell) would help with any food because smell is a big influence when it comes to taste.

Perhaps, just not thinking about what you're eating would help. Most of the time, it is our mentality towards the food itself that makes it worse. If we can just get over it, it will be much more bearable.

Finding vegetable recipes to make vegetables more appetizing.

Or you could just use fibre powder if you're concerned about being able to pass motion.