Thursday, August 22, 1996

What would be the best way to travel Europe solo?

I am turning 18 this April, and plan on moving to Scotland in early August. Before I go, I am currently planning a 6-8 week backpacking/walking/train/bus/hitch hiking trip starting in Egypt, and working my way to Greece (Athens, Sparta), Italy (Rome, Tuscanny, Sicily), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid), France (Paris, Chombard, beaches?), Ireland (Dublin) , Scotland (Edinburgh, plus some smaller more cummute villages?), England and to Amsterdam, and maybe Rotterdam. I want to go in early May and/or stay no later than early July. Money isn't really an issue, although I would like to not spend a rediculous amount. If your a local, or have knowledge of traveling any of these places, then please let me know some traveling tips and planning ideas!!

Answer on What would be the best way to travel Europe solo?

Egypt to Scotland in 6-8 weeks? You are completely crazy!

If I was doing this trip I would plan on 2-3 weeks per country, so Egypt-Jordan-Syria-Turkey-Greece alone would be about 12-14 weeks.

Italy, Spain, France, Ireland, Scotland, England and Amsterdam would then be another 15 weeks.

You really need to prioritise, there is no way you can cram that much into 8 weeks.

As for money, I would budget at least around 6500 EUR for the Greece-Amsterdam part, 1500 EUR for Egypt-Jordan-Syria and around 800 EUR for 3 weeks of Turkey. This is if you use the above mentioned time-schedule of 2-3 weeks per country, stick to hostels and eat food from the supermarket.

If time is an issue and you got only the 8 weeks, pick the 2 countries that you want to see the most from your big list and focus on them.

Hope this helps a bit. Feel free to email me if you want to know more, I have been to most of the places you mention.