Monday, August 12, 1996

How can I find out if there's something fun in Italy?

To give out some information: I'm 14-years-old American girl, I'm the third child of five, my family and I have been living in Italy for a year since 2009 (will be staying for three years), and we originally came from Augusta, Georgia.

Last night, my dad, three siblings (female 15, male 11, female 6), and I were going for a ride to start sightseeing in Italy. We drove downtown in Padova and we see many people walking their way to a huge place that was like a flee market!! They sell kitchen utensils, dishes, clothings, rugs and carpets, food, dishwashers, ect.; we also saw another road that also sell items we saw. We also saw a carnival. It was amazing how it was so much bigger than the ones in the U.S.!!! That was the kind of place my family wants to go.

My dad loves traveling as much as the family does and this is the second time we've ever been out of the United States. We have been sightseeing for a while in Italy. But everyday, we always go on post (American military post like Ederle) and it's just so boring there. My family always go on post everyday to the PX, commissary, school, small restaraunts, and it's not fun anymore. Not only that, but we always stay in the house everyday and it sucks. :( I don't want to end up going back to the United States saying that I've went to the PX and commissary on post everyday.

I want (mainly my dad) to know how I can find a way to know what's going on in Italy, such as festivals, parties, and whatever that the family will love. :D

Answer on How can I find out if there's something fun in Italy?

There are interesting festivals all year long all over Italy. One good site for finding exhibitions, festivals, and other events is:… . You just missed a really good event in Marostica last weekend. The Balloons Festival in Ferrara is very good and not far from you. Ferrara is on the train line to Bologna. It starts on Friday and runs through the 26th - this is one of the biggest hot air balloon festivals in Europe. Ferrara has several good festivals during the year and an extensive old town with a large moated castle.

You might also check the various sites for sagre in Italy - food festivals, such as:

Toward the end of October, the Eurochocolate Festival will be running in Perugia. This is a huge event; some of the exhibits are in old 14th century buildings which are now underground. Over three weekends in November, there's a very good truffle festival in the small Tuscan Hill town of San Miniato. These are just a few of thousands of events.

There are lots of good events in Venice very close to you. I would highly recommend Carnevale when the time comes around. However, there are also other Carnevale celebrations which are different than Venice, but fascinating. Try Cento - a small town not far from Padova with one of the more important Carnevales or look up Carnevale in Ivrea or Viareggio.

You'll have a great time here in Italy. There are family oriented things going on all the time.