Wednesday, June 19, 1996

What can I actually eat ;( dairy free?

I've been vegetarian for about 6 years and i've always had a dairy allergy but i've just really ignored it. Now it's making me really ill and i've had to stop eating it completely.
I've pretty much lived on cheese. (Cheezly slices arn't the same!!)
Can anyone suggest recipes that would be just as nice as eating something with dairy but won't take ages to prep?
And are there any vitamin supplements I should be taking to make up for my change of diet?


Answer on What can I actually eat ;( dairy free?

There are loads of vegan recipes (dairy free) to be found on here some really fantastic ones too!

A good cheesy flavour that can be added to sauces etc. is nutritional yeast. It is very versatile and does taste cheesy. There are also some good vegan cheeses to be found, especially if you are in the USA. The UK cheeses I find to be not as good :(

As for vitamin supplements, you can take one if you wish (the Vegan Society make one called Veg1 specifically designed for vegans) but as long as you are getting a well balanced diet with lots of vegeables, leaft greens, beans, lentils, nuts etc you shouldn't need one. Dairy is not a natural part of our diet (we are the only species to consume the milk of another animal, and the only species to consume it past infancy) so don't worry too much :)