Wednesday, May 29, 1996

How do I fix my HP Net Book?

This is my second attempt to make a question - with a definite account, since I am not being able to log in with my Facebook account on Yahoo.
Previously, I have asked how to fix my Net Book, but for the new people that might see this question, I'll go through details again:
I have a HP Mini 110 that I bought in the beginning of 2010, and it was working until now with no problems.
But recently, as I was turning off my Net Book, while using it without the battery to prevent it from becoming "addicted", I pulled the power cord by accident (I have the tendency to do that when the battery is on before the last 10 seconds of powering off). I didn't expect many problems.
But I've been trying to turn on my Net Book for the past 36 hours with no result. It turns on, but it goes into an infinite loop between loading Windows XP and 1 second blue-screens.
As it resets, the options available to me at start-up are:
>F8 - Change Boot Device Order
>F10 - BIOS Setup Options
>F12 - Network Reboot (or something like that)
Either way, none of those options work, so I go to another screen:
>Safe Mode
>Safe Mode With Networking
>Safe Mode With Command Prompt
>Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)
>Start Windows Normally

Again, none of those options work, as all of them bring me back to this loop of loading screens and blue screens.
Is there any possibility that I can fix this? I'm not a computer expert, but provided with a step-by-step instruction, I think I can fix it.
Please help, as I have many valuable information in it.

Answer on How do I fix my HP Net Book?

Your best solution now is to reformat. If none of the options are working, thats your only solution.

Before you reformat, there may be some important files on it. You should back these files up before you reformat.

You can do so with a device known as an IDE/SATA to USB Adapter (google "BT-300 topmicrousa"). This device works really well in situations like these because it can skip the operating system (the thing you can't log in to) and it can get you to your files directly. Its fast, efficient, and durable.

Once you back up your files, reformat then recopy.

Best of luck.