Wednesday, April 24, 1996

When does lady gaga's new single come out? and what is it called?

Lady gaga said (quote): "2nite's the last show before the single. Is it legal to ruffie yourself for album release? BORNTHISWAY sedatives? Santa, I Wanna Be Sedated."

when is the release date of her new single? and what is it titled?

Answer on When does lady gaga's new single come out? and what is it called?

it comes out tomorrow.

This is making me want to never go out again?

I'm a new mother, I'm 21, married, and I make a point to mind my own business when in public. I have severe ulcerative colitis which has me on infusions every six weeks for the rest of my life and makes it almost impossible to eat anything without getting really sick and leads to a suppressed immune system so I end up on antibiotics alot which causes me to get even sicker. This coupled with me being a stay at home mom who insists on cleaning the house daily as my husband works twelve hours a day as a pipe layer and welder, I weigh only 110 lbs and wear a size 1 at 5'2" and I'm still losing. I try to keep myself healthy as possible but it's hard.

But now I'm also getting harassed in public for being so thin. I have had strangers approach me in random situations to ask me if I eat or to flat out tell me that I'm a bad example for my child because of my eating disorder. With as bad as I feel physically, I cannot deal with the emotional crap on top of it and it makes me want to never go out again. I live in texas so I am surrounded by larger women and this is what they treat me like.

How do I deal with this? My husband sticks up for me when he's there, but that's not always the case and it's becoming too much of a build up.

Answer on This is making me want to never go out again?

That must be so hard for you to not want to go into public because you feel so many judgmental eyes on you. You do not need any extra stress on top of caring for a newborn and trying to control your colitis. Since you live in Texas it isn't like you can just throw on a big hoodie and go to the store, so I think that you need to be honest with everyone and anyone who approaches you. Have a small script that you practice to yourself often, so when someone approaches you with their unsolicited advice you can flat out say "I have severe ulcerative colitis, and I am very sick, which makes it impossible to maintain a healthy weight." People will always feel like an asshole once you throw it back in their face that you are sick and cannot control whatever it is they are repremanding you about.

Although I do not have a hard time gaining weight after my flareups, I do want to suggest to you to try drinking Boost, Glucerna, or slim fast or any other drinks that are loaded with nutrients and stuff-IN ADDITION to eating. They are easier on the stomach and they will give you added calories to help you gain a little weight back. I hope this helps!