Wednesday, March 20, 1996

Help with 4 world history questions?

Closely linked to economic motives for expansion were
Choose one answer.
a. humanitarian issues.
b. social issues.
c. democratic issues.
d. political and military issues.

Why was the Berlin Conference held in 1884?
Choose one answer.
a. To avoid bloodshed between rival European powers
b. To stop Leopold II from taking over Africa
c. To include Africans on plans for dividing the continent
d. To stop trade in the United States

What countries sought to benefit from the slow crumbling of the Ottoman Empire?
Choose one answer.
a. Britain and Italy
b. Britain, France, Russia, and Germany
c. Russia, Italy, and Britain
d. France and Belgium

What did Muhammad Ali do to strengthen Egypt?
Choose one answer.
a. Instituted political and economic reforms
b. Regulated industry
c. Stopped collecting taxes
d. Built the Suez Canal

Answer on Help with 4 world history questions?

You wouldn't by any chance be in PALCS Honors World history would you? I had the same questions on my Chapter 25 test for that class. :) I got a 100%, so these answers are correct.

1.) political and military issues
2.) to avoid bloodshed between rival European powers
3.) Britain, France,Russia, Germany
4.) instituted political and economic reforms