Thursday, March 14, 1996

I don't know what my dream means, help?

I had a dream, or a nightmare and it started off that I finished school or something like that and I was going home and on my way I went to a shop (asda) and through the shop's windows I saw my best friend and she was standing in a car park with her family behind her in a car (or all of them on a motorbike or some kind of vehicle). So I decided to cross the road to meet her (while I decided, I had a bad feeling in my dream, that I should just stick to the shop instead of meeting her). We greeted each other and suddenly her and her family started driving and I was running after them and the weather went from a foggy, dull, almost night-like wet english weather to pitch black and I could not see where I was running but the vehicle (with my friend and her family) was behind me and it's motobike-like light was on so I could see it's light on the ground. I said "thanks for the light, I don't know what I'd do without that" and suddenly, they drove off to the left side leaving me stood confused in complete black darkness. I tried to look through the darkness so I could see at least a bit and when I looked left (where they drove off) I could see sort of lighter silhouettes of english-like houses and a little mirror (that was not reflecting anything). Then I heard a scary voices of some spirits or grim the reaper or God, I had no idea what type of voices they were but they were warning me that; if I go left, I will meet death, if I go straight, I will get... I can't exactly remember that one but I think it's violence or pain or something like that....... And if I go right, then I will be saved. So I listened to the freaky voices and started running to the right but I could not see where I was running, all I knew was that I was running right, but then I could not run, it felt like all my hope is gone because my legs felt so heavy I could not move them properly. And so as I was suffering with running, a screamy-freaky-loud sound was getting louder and louder and that's when I woke up petrified!

The friend that was in my dream is one of my best friends, but I don't get to see her very much because of school getting in the way, but when I first saw her photo on facebook, I got a very bad feeling about her, I didn't like her at all, I don't know why, and when I met her in real life, I thought she was actually okay. And now we are like best friends. I still have this really bad feeling about her, that something bad might happen, do you think my dream might be telling me something? warning me? maybe because her mum has epilepsy and could not drive at one point, could cause something bad? Maybe I'm a little paranoid, but it's good to know just in case, because I don't know what's round the corner...

So if you might know, or have some sort of theory about my dream, please share it with me :)
Thank you.

Answer on I don't know what my dream means, help?

I know that this won't interpret your dream..but it could mean more if you do it yourself..What you need to do is take things that you SPECIFICALLY remember from your if you really, really remember there being a pineapple busting open or something..go to Google and find a trusty dream interpretation website. Then type the meaningful words in there..that should tell you what it means in your waking life or just what it means in general.