Thursday, February 29, 1996

Yay I'm Pregnant! Help me name the little one!?

My name is Meghan Elizabeth and his name is Shane Tyler. We don't want to use any part of my name in my baby's name but it would be nice if we used part of his name. If we have a girl we would like to name it after either my mom or one of my Grandmas. My mom's name is Monica Lynn my grandmas' names are Rose Marie and Janet Louise. For a boy we could also name it after my grandpa William James.

Here is our list so far you can comment or rate or both on our names.
Katrina Marie
Courtney Marie
Jocelyn Claire
Francesca Rose
Alicia Mae
Cassidy Brooke
Macy Renee

Drake Tyler
Eli William
Carson Scott
Caden Michael
Anthony Scott
Cameron Peter
Jonah Mason
Chad Michael
Blake Christopher
Bennett Alexander
Cody...we really like this name but we need a middle name! Any suggestions?

BQ: We could use any suggestions... also our list is kind of long so if there is any that you really don't like at all tell me I won't be offended I'll eliminate it.

Answer on Yay I'm Pregnant! Help me name the little one!?

Katrina Marie – 10/10
Courtney Marie 7/10
Jocelyn Claire 10/10
Francesca Rose 7/10 not to big on the name Francesca, though Rose is nice
Alicia Mae 8/10
Cassidy Brooke 7/10 – Like the names but don’t feel they flow as well together. Maybe Cassidy Rose or Brook Marie .
Macy Renee 7/10 Like Renee not so much Macy.

Drake Tyler – 8/10 – I do think Tyler Drake flows a little better.
Eli William 7/10
Carson Scott 7/10 – Not fond of Carson but like Scott.
Caden Michael – 10/10 – has a nice ring to it and flows well.
Anthony Scott – 8/10 – Nice flowing name but not that big on Anthony.
Cameron Peter – 7/10 like both names just not together.
Jonah Mason – 7/10 like both names, just not together, don’t think this one flows as well as some of your others.
Chad Michael 8/10
Blake Christopher 10/10
Bennett Alexander 10/10
Cody 7/10 – just not that found of this name it’s odd because when I was younger I really loved it and thought it was the coolest name.

Favorite boys Caden Michael, Bennett Alexander and Blake Christopher
Favorite Girls Katrina Marie and Jocelyn Claire

Who are all the rappers in Bedrock?

It's not exactly a good song but I liked all the rappers voices. Can you list then in order in which they appear. I obviously know drake, nicki, and lil Wayne.

Answer on Who are all the rappers in Bedrock?

young money , google it .