Monday, December 18, 1995

Better Overall Artist? Lady Gaga or Eminem?

i was having an argument with my friend about this , i personally think eminem.

Answer on Better Overall Artist? Lady Gaga or Eminem?

EMINEM by farr! <3 <3 <3

he is the most amazing artist going!
He literally created a new genre in music, just think if he never rapped how different would the music industry be! his lyrics are really personal to him and actually give you the chance to see how hard he has had it, and how any one is capable to do anything. So much emotion is poured into every note, and word. He tells a different story for every song.

No disrespect to Gaga (i do love Gaga) but she just sings about what ever comes to mind, like telephone and Just Dance, etc.

But with eminem if you really listen to his lyrics it takes you to another world.