Monday, December 11, 1995

Could you make me an exercise plan?

(please no crap about my age!)

I'm 11, 33kg, and 142cm tall. im short for my age, so my fat stacks up, and ive got loads of rolls.

I'm going on holiday to Madeira in 20 days. I don't feel comfortable in a bikini, and i don't feel hot in all of my tight tops, it is really getting me down.

I want to lose a few rolls around my tummy, and i want an exercise plan, but i have NO IDEA how to do it, so i decided to turn to Y!A for some help.

and ive got the whole diet thing sussed aswell, so no need to help me with that :D
thanks (:

Answer on Could you make me an exercise plan?

You are 11, why would you need to feel hot..?
Sorry if this was consideret "crap"