Monday, November 6, 1995

Help with my all nighter?

I plan on staying up all night but I need to persuade my mum (very easy) and my dad (hard-ish, he gets up around 4/5ish to go to work). Can you help me persuade them???

And after that, there's the night. I have done all-nighters before but I normally fail and fall asleep around 5:00am. Any tips on staying up ALL night??

When I normally pull an all nighter, I would just lay in my bed and go on my laptop (y'know, trolling (sorry), facebook and stuff) so I need more things to do. Any ideas???

Please help on all the above questions!! Any help at all is much appreciated!!

P.S: Please, serious answers only....

Answer on Help with my all nighter?

Why? Sleep, sounds like you need it