Sunday, September 24, 1995

Help with a diet/workout plan?

Im on a diet in which i consume fairly low calories (567 today) & run 6 miles, 5 days a week. I have been eating this amount of calories for about 3 weeks now, minus weekends in which i raise it to 600-800.

However I am starting to notice even though I get my calories from very healthy foods (yoghurt, tuna, lean protein, lots of veggies) I am lacking in energy.
Should I shock my system short time with a larger amount of calories to kick start me again or what? I will eventually up my calories to a more reasonable level when i reach my goal weight in order to maintain, but i have another 20 pounds to lose ( I am 129 and 5"7) and this has worked pretty well for me so far. Also when I do start to raise my calories how do I stop my body from instantly hoarding all the fat?

Answer on Help with a diet/workout plan?

your tired because your exercising alloott and with not that many calories. you should try to kick start it again its probably your metabolism.