Tuesday, August 1, 1995

Italians bday?

i am looking for the perfect gift for my bf who is off the boat italian, 35, with 2 kids... we have been together a long time, so anything is good, but he is the kinda guy who has everything... he is into working out and all those building muscle drinks and nutrition... he works at his job too much, he loves to do things with his hands, like building and stuf.. he loves taking his kids places, and i was looking for cirque du soleil tickets, but they are just too expensive.. we are saving for a trip to italy in august, so i know he wont want me to spend too much $$... so i am looking for some great ideas, for just the 2 of us, or our little family... help, please...

Answer on Italians bday?

do a family tree for him .....that will show him all of the trouble you went through and how much you love him and at the same time when you go back home[Italy] for a trip you will have done a little home work and understand his homeland
chow from another Italian boy a nape-tan[nap-e-taun] to be exact Good luck