Saturday, July 22, 1995

While on a fatloss diet, is this PB&J okay to eat 2-3 times a day?

Okay. First I just want to say my goal isn't to lose weight (I'm at my weight loss goal) but instead to lose fat while still sticking to a 1700 calorie diet. I'm sedentary 85% of the day.
I've loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches since I started my diet and just want to know if I could eat a few of these a day without hurting my fatloss at all.
I'm switching up the peanut butter and jelly I use, depending on which peanut butter is available the nutrition will look like this:

(With 1tbsp PB2 peanut butter powder and a lil water to mix)
175 calories
2 grams of fat
43 carbs
16 grams of protein
16 grams of sugar


(with 1 tbsp of Better'n creamy peanut butter)
200 calories
2 grams of fat
46 carbs
8 grams of protein
16 grams of sugar

So, without really any exercise and just slowly losing fat throughout my body, could I eat 2-3 of either sandwich a day?

Answer on While on a fatloss diet, is this PB&J okay to eat 2-3 times a day?

2 Grams of fat

That's your problem right there...and that's per tablespoon..most people like myself put about 2-4 table spoons. As long as you don't exceed 70grams of fat I day I'm sure you'll be good. Get up and do some exercise, it feels great as you keep on doing it. If you see any weight gain after 2-3 weeks..your getting fat.

Couple Weight Loss Questions :)?

Thank for taking the time to parooz thru this! Im wanting to lose lots of weight, got a few weddings to be in this yr. What are some good ways to stay motivated during exercise? What are some good quick ways to lose weight? Any tips? I need to do this, not only for these weddins but also for me :)

Feel free to email me too! iiloveyoubunchez

Answer on Couple Weight Loss Questions :)?

My recommendation, is to control your eating habits a bit. Drink water when you are thirsty,,..,, not crap like coke/juice. Eat when you are hungry. Try to shave a bit of calories where you can.