Tuesday, July 18, 1995

How do i get my hair like Selena Gomez?

I ABSOLUTELY love selena gomez's hair and so do most other people. I liked her hair when it was longer with curls. http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/image-library/port/376/s/selena-gomez-awi-7.jpg

I really like her hair in this picture. It doesnt really have to be that picture specifically but any of her curly hair looks. I don't want to go out and buy anything but i have 2 straighteners 1 is smaller than the other. And 2 curlers im not sure of the size's but my smaller curler tends to curl better. i have hair spray, and a couple herbal essence tousle me softly products. my hair is like a golden color and maybe 2 inches longer than my shoulders. Its pretty thin and curls never stay in. If you have any good ways to get my hair like the picture i'll most likely be willing to try.

Thanx for all ur help! xoxo,Keagan :)

Answer on How do i get my hair like Selena Gomez?

Needed Items:
- 1 inch curling iron
- heat protection spray
- hair spray
- wide tooth comb

1. Wash hair and let it air dry - this will allow your hair to have some natural wave ( if your hair is naturaly straight put your hair in a tight bun for about ten minutess then take out there should be some wave)

2. Part hair in the middle and spray hair with heat protection spray

3. take a 2 inch curling iron and strt curling in from the bottem of your hair leaving a little of the tips straight.

4. Comb with the wide tooth comb and let wait about ten muinetes to spray with hairspray

just go to this website which shows alot of selena gomez advice, like makeup, hair, clothes, styles, and ect. it just shows the guides to learn how to this things.