Saturday, July 1, 1995

We have dream@each of us. democratic dreams r cummulative:why?

8.18.2010 london u k:

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Answer on We have dream@each of us.democratic dreams r cummulative:why?

Sweetie, can I have some of whatever you are on to give to the nasty neighbour near my school?

How hard is it to quite smoking analogy?

Smoking causes a variety of visible symptoms, including yellow teeth and leathery skin. More dangerous are the effects we can't see, including an increase in the risk of many cancers, respiratory diseases, and heart disease

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Answer on How hard is it to quite smoking analogy?

i , its been like a 2 months now, and today i found a cigarette in my car and did NOT smoke. I was proud of myself. But i thot of an analogy about smoking and i came up with this.

Smoking is like a hot psych ex bf/gf. It seems like they are every where u go. and sometimes u get that need to get back with them and when u see them in public. you might get a little jealous. But deep in your heart. U know that for the long run u are better off without them. Becus given enough time. They will kill you. Or atleast try a couple times

Is RailEurope the best train for traveling within Italy?

I want to book online to ensure my ride but am curious as to whether or not I'd be able to change my ticket if I happen to want to leave later. How flexible is it? How safe is it? And is it the main train in Italy?

Answer on Is RailEurope the best train for traveling within Italy?

Some service like RailEurope and others are useful and make you saving money if you travel between different Countries; while inside just one Country is generally better and cheaper buying straight from the national(s) company: Trenitalia runs 95% of train routes in Italy, so I suggest you buy there (even in the railway station)……