Tuesday, April 25, 1995

Whats a really good weight loss pill that has free trials?

Answer on Whats a really good weight loss pill that has free trials?

Hi chah,

Acai Berry is a really good weight loss pill that has 14 Day free trial.

Acai Berry is all the rage these days thanks to Oprah's endorsement. This little purple berry from the Amazon rain forest being snatched up by thousands of consumers each day. The benefit claims from this berry are remarkable. But exactly how does Acai berry work ?

The Acai Berry's claim to fame is the high level of antioxidants that it contains. It has the highest ORAC rating of any other food known to man. So what does this mean ! ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorption capacity. This rating was developed by a chemist any physician named Dr. Guohua Cao. He developed this rating system to compare the antioxidant properties of different fruits and vegetables. But why are antioxidant so important ?

When your body goes through it's normal process of metabolism or when it is exposed to outside pollutants such as cigarette smoke, pollution and pesticides it will produce free radicals. These little molecules will contain at least one unpaired electron. Therefore, what does a free radical do ? It scavenges other molecules to steal away their electron. This process can produce a chain reaction which can eventually cause cellular damage. Cellular damage leads to all types of disease and health problems.

How does the Acai Berry work in preventing cell damage ? The antioxidants that the Acai Berry provides will act as a defense against the free radicals. They will course through your body and collect and destroy the free radicals before they can bind with other molecules. You can think of an antioxidant as your body's own assassination team that is is assigned to protect you at ll costs.