Sunday, April 23, 1995

My boyfriend wanted a break which turned into a break up, what should i do?

Right ive never wrote on one of these but ive been reading a few since this happened.
to cut a long stor short my boyfriend and i have been together 9 months, hes in the army and 2 months into our relationship he went to afghan for a 6 month tour. throughout that tour i couldnt of been a better girlfriend, i sent him messages, parcels, letters etc every single day, stayed loyal, told him how much i loved him etc and mainly put up with a load of paranoid **** off him that he started giving me while he was there (hed look through my facebook and find stuff and question me about it ) when in reality you couldnt find a more loyal girlfriend than me. stuck by him through the whole tour etc. he came back like 3 weeks ago at at first we was really good but then we started having pointless arguments n stuff. now i will admit now i have become clingy since hes been back, txting him a lot and wanting to see him all the time! but thats only because weve been apart for so long so obviously i want to spend every waking moment with him. he wasnt txting me as much and id constantly be giving him greif and questioning him. (and this is not like me at all ) baisically afghanistan has changed us both its ****** with our heads, ill admit it but he wont.
anyway on friday at half 12 in the afternoon he said he needed some space, he insisted he didnt want to be single but he just needed some space so as hard as it was i gave it him, he eventually came back to me at 4pm sunday and said that he dont think we should be together. i made him meet me and for the first 45mins i couldnt even speak or look at him, i had a good cry and he genuinly looked gutted, he said hes sorry etc, i asked him why and he said its changed (which it has) i promised that i could be the person he fell in love with and could go back to being how it was before he went away ( because i was never the clingy nagging gf then ) i asked if he will just give it one more chance and he said he cant. i asked if he thinks its forever and he said no, i asked if he thinks we will get back together and he said yes. i told him not to just say that if he didnt mean it and he said that he isnt. i said i dont want him to change facebook yet cos i dont want the questions off everyone and he said he wont. i messaged him last night and this morning but nothing back. i want to give him space and not talk to him so he will hopefully miss me but its hard. im scared that hes going to prefer single life ( of course he is! ) because of how ive been since hes been back (clingy, needy, a bit possesive ) but like i said its just cos hes been away for so long. so im thinking that hes gonna prefer life not having to answer to me and its over for good. but i know how good we can be, our relationship has been pretty intense from the start which probs hasnt helped but hes in the army so its not like a normal relationship, id just like some advice as of what do do cos i reallyyyy am stuck :( thanks xxx

Answer on My boyfriend wanted a break which turned into a break up, what should i do?

You move on with your life.-