Sunday, April 16, 1995

I am fourteen, want to lose weight BUT IM HELL scared I will get saggy skin!?

I am fourteen year old female, and I want to lose 25 kilograms by June. I was looking at videos of weight loss and stuff and many people have pictures with A LOT of saggy sking after they lose weight. But I realize they are waaaay bigger then me :/... I am overweight, not obese so do you think I will have saggy skin if I exercise??

Answer on I am fourteen, want to lose weight BUT IM HELL scared I will get saggy skin!?

Very likely that you won't get saggy skin (: Your young so your skin has good elasticity, and not only that, but your not loosing enough weight to get saggy skin so it should be fine. Just tone your muscles up and your can pretty much guarantee that your skin won't go saggy.

Advice for a trip in the USA?

Hi All,

I live in Italy and my girlfriend and I are planning a trip to the west of the USA (landing in LA then moving to Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Lake Powell/Page, Bryce Canyon) for September 2010 and I'm looking for advice about affordable places to stay at, how to get around (rented car, bus, train...?), how to dress for the desert and what do we need to bring with us (water, etc). Thanks!

Answer on Advice for a trip in the USA?

wow-sounds like a great trip.
It will be very hot there, even in September.
Biggest problem, sightseeing in the desert, is the danger of snakes. Be aware of your surroundings, always, and don't step off of paved roads, walkways, etc.

In the USA, NEVER EVER accept rides, or let anyone ride with you. Don't go anywhere with a "local" you might meet. Be cautious about your safety and your possessions.
Be very polite to everyone (and of course you will, being Italian) -- it does not pay to argue or have a conflict with people in the Western USA---remember, most people there carry guns.
Ditto with the Police---if they tell you to do something, say "Yes Sir!"

There are massive amounts of guidebooks, maps, etc. detailing every sight to see--if you can't find them in Italy, look for them in any bookstore in Los Angeles.