Monday, April 10, 1995

I suck with hair?

Alright im really bad with this and dont understand the whole "hair lingo" with "fringe" and "brusing" and what ever else you say lol.


I want my hair to look like this,

I was told to part my hair, and gel it, or not, and it would grow that way. So I tried parting it, can anyone tell me if this is right?

and 2 other questions.
Will the parting, like were you can see my actual head, be visible once it gets longer?

what should I do to the back, I cant really tell but what if its scraggly..

Answer on I suck with hair?

Without even looking at the choices, I'd say go with natural everytime. When I was young, during the early pleistocene, I decided to wear my naturally curly hair in full curl bloom. Btw, I don't even know if you want it straight or curly or even have a choice.

Anyway, I cut my hair shorter at the top in a sort of Gypsy style. I'd wash it, apply lots of conditioner because I have tons of thick dark hair, then I'd run my fingers through it using them to detangle until all the tangles were gone. After rinsing, I'd blot it with a towel but never combed nor brushed it. I swear, I started a national trend with that hair because a friend of a friend who'd seen my hair and was a hairdresser entered the do in a contest and won. She saw me a few months later and she said, "I see you're wearing the NEW FREEDOM, I won a competition with that one!"