Friday, March 31, 1995

Disco in Italy? Should I go?

Well my cousins go and they are 15, 16, and 18 years old. I would go with them. I'm American and I'm 14. I don't drink, and I don't plan on drinking, at all. I'm not risking getting my drink spiked. But I love to dance, and I want to find someone in Italy to be with because I don't have any guys here. Plus they're pretty hot...
But I don't want to get in any trouble; im a virgin. And I'm planning to stay that way until I'm ready.
And I know I won't be ready during the summer in Italy.
What should I do?
What are Italian guys like? I mean I'm half Italian, but I've never been to a disco, but since I'm probably going this year. What should I expect? Is this a good idea?

Answer on Disco in Italy? Should I go?

Hi Fiona

relax and go to the discos)) where do u go in italy?

just avoid the discos with hardcore music on Saturday night in Rimini (where you might find little stupid 18years old guys). disco is not a normal dancing floor, with some good musics, some time only very young people, some time only very old people, sometimes mixed people)

don't run away from your cousin just not to get lost, don't drink alcool, get your parents or someone not drunk to take you to the disco and back home, and that's it

Enjooy your holidaays)