Thursday, March 23, 1995

How can I lose weight?

I am a 5'7" 19 year old female weighing around 130 lbs that has been dieting and exercising for three months. I am eating around 1,200 calories, counting my calories, and exercising, which consists of a 10 min high intensity cardio video, sit ups, and walking for about 30 minutes. At first, I lost weight very fast, but now that I began exercising, I have only been gaining weight... about 5 lbs since the weekend. I have been eating A LOT of sodium lately, which I have a feeling is linked to my gain, maybe through water retention, but I'm not sure.

I'm looking for diet tips, weight loss pill suggestions, cardio workout suggestions, and anything else that could help me lose 15-18 lbs in the next few months.

Answer on How can I lose weight?

Just drink water,around 3 litres a day, no diet cokes or anything like that, sodium levels make up for the sugar,
Interval training bursts of sprinting every few minutes.
For weight loss you can speed up the process by avoiding 5 main things

There all too high in carbohydrates!

Finally, I don't recommend any weight loss pills for women,but acai berry is safe,it doesn't actually work independently but will stop you feeling hungry if you suffer from that.
All of these combined I would see 15-18lbs a very realistic target over 5-6weeks !

Good Luck, need any help message me!