Monday, March 13, 1995

What were/are your experiences when you went raw vegan?

ok, so i started a raw vegan diet yesterday, mainly to lose about 20 pounds and also because i just feel soooo much better when i'm eating predominately fruits and veggies. i'm already a vegetarian, and it's not too hard right now, except i'm really craving some peanut butter lol. anyways, i'm just wondering what everyones experiences were. like how you felt? did you lose weight? did you want to lose weight? how much did you lose? were you 100% raw? how long did you eat raw? any tips/advice for a newbie? lol i also just bought the 80 10 10 diet book, but i haven't received it in the mail yet. thanks!

Answer on What were/are your experiences when you went raw vegan?

I kind of just progressively moved into it my senior year of highschool. I was vegan and then I went completely raw vegan. Obviously I lost weight. I got to a very healthy body weight, and the reason I started was because I saw all the amazing health benefits other's had and I was vegan it was an easy step to take. The biggest experience that I saw was the increase of energy. I went 21 days fruitarian after being raw for a while and I saw an amazing improvement in my skin color and tone. So I think raw vegan is great. I was on and off for a while. I say I was raw vegan for a year because after my senior year I went to college and was on and off. Right now I kind of toned back, i'm about 75-80% raw and sometimes higher. I'm thinking about going to a higher percentage. It really feels great to be raw!