Monday, March 6, 1995

Why would a friend add me to Facebook, but refuse to talk to me?

Me and a former friend kind of had a falling out a couple of years' ago. He requested me as a friend on Facebook and I accepted, thinking we would talk again (I sent him a "How the heck are ya?" message) but he refuses to talk to me still. I know he has been on Facebook since then. Why would he request me, but then refuse to talk? (Sounds kind of contradictory to me).

Answer on Why would a friend add me to Facebook, but refuse to talk to me?

Loads of people do this to me too. They just add me and ignore me.

I believe are a lot of reasons such as;
1. Being noesy, look into your life, see your pictures and what you are doing.

2. Maybe they just add you to sort of show off, annoy you with thier friends, etc

3. Maybe because he knew you, it would be good just to add you as a friend. But is just moving forward in life.

4. Maybe they are just trying to get loads of friends, make themselves seem popular and fun.

5. Some people just add lots of people to keep in touch, but never really use Facebook that much. Maybe too busy with things.

6. Maybe he doesent know how to reply to the message, doesn't know what to say, etc.

7. Or maybe he's trying to study you, seeing if you are trying with him. Like keep liking his status's etc.

8. Maybe you was in the suggested friends list.

Just try sending him a message again, ask how he is. Ask him, Are you still made with me?.
If he doesn't respond, then just delete him or get on with your life as you do.

I need new music for my iPod?!?

I would love new bands but specific songs are awesome too!
bands / artists i like: (I have a variety of tastes so i couldn't list them all...*=favorites)
The academy is..
The all-american rejects*
All time low*
Avril Lavigne
Blink 182*
Death cab for cutie
Escape the Fate*
Green Day*
Hey Monday*
Kanye West
Katy perry
Kelly clarkson
Lil' Wayne*
Mumford and Sons
My Chemical Romance*
owl city
plain white tees
the ready set
red hot chili peppers
reliant k
sara barielles
the script
secondhand serenade
simple plan*
sum 41*
taylor swift*
Trey songz
we the kings*
3 doors down
30 seconds to mars
I'll be checking daily, thanks(:

Answer on I need new music for my iPod?!?

Three Days Grace- Gone Forever, Last To Know, Lost in You
Flyleaf- So I Thought, Circle
All Time Low- Painting Flowers, Remembering Sunday
NeverShoutNever- Trampoline, Fifteen, Mailbox, Liar Liar
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- Believe, False Pretense, Face Down
Red- Mystery Of You
Sick Puppies- Don't Walk Away, All The Same, Say My Name
The Providence- Sand In Your Shoes
One Republic- Come Home
Snow Patrol- Run, Open Your Eyes
Thieves and Villains- I Have Spread Some Love
Mayday Parade- One Man Drinking Games, If You Wanted A Song Written About You All You Had To Do Was Ask, Just Say You're Not Into It
Death Cab For Cutie- I Will Follow You Into The Dark, Passenger Seat
My Chemical Romance- Cancer
The Classic Crime- Headlights, R&R
Jimmy Eat World- Kill, Hear You Me
Relient K- If You Want It, Be My Escape
Evanescence- Call Me When You're Sober, Imaginary, Hello
Anberlin- Breathe, Unwinding Cable Car
Daughtry- Call Your Name, September, Sorry
Pop Evil- 100 in a 55, Stepping Stone
Breaking Benjamin- Rain, Diary Of Jane
The Maine- Whoever She Is
Cinematic Sunrise- You Told Me You Loved Me
Yellowcard- Cigarette, Only One
A Day To Remember- If It Means A Lot To You, You Had Me At Hello
Saosin- Finding Home
Cute Is What We Aim For- Risque
Making April- These Are The Nights
The Used- Sold My Soul
Cartel- If I Were To Write The Song, If You Do If You Don't
Lifehouse- Storm
Artist vs. Poet- All In
We The Kings- The Quiet