Monday, February 6, 1995

Why American men play women and why most women play into it?

I am from Italy and I have moved to the US a few years back. I find most American women (not al) only worth a one night stand and by that I mean that any respectable woman would never engage in casual sex.

American girls are easy since the early age and dress like whores starting at 13. What amazes me most is how much low self esteem they have and lack of respect for their own body/soul. In Italy no woman for instance would ever dare flash their breasts at strangers, or act like a drunk s.l.u.t in public or she would never find a husband. Here in the US it seems most guys are confortable marrying redeemed sluts.

It amazes me because I have never seen girls flashing their breasts or (even worse) bottom for guys or making out with other women until I came to the US. That says a lot about the culture here.

You guys can try to cover it up all you want, but there is no way you'll find anything like "Spring Break" or "MArdi Gras" in any European country. Women there just have more respect for themselves and men more self esteem not to marry sluts.

I would also put the blame of this somewhat on men. Growing up in Italy, especially as teenager, none of my guy friend would ever dare playing a girl (granted the girl didn't act like a slut). They would tipically fall in love with her. Here in the US it seems like the opposite is the norm. By the way, all my American guy friends who travelled to Italy have confirmed Italian women are beautiful and they are the hardest women to get with.

Answer on Why American men play women and why most women play into it?

You're funny... I lived in Iceland and England and was on 6 month deployments in Spain and Italy. Those girls party just as hard and as slutty as us American girls.

Have you ever heard of De Wallen? Last I checked that was in an European country and not the US.