Monday, December 12, 1994

Junjo Romantica, english manga edition :D Help! ♥?

Hi! :3
I live in Italy and here, this manga, hasn't been published :(
So, I wanna buy it on ebay.... but, I've some questions about the english edition >_<

item quality: the paper is good ? the cover?

is the translation good?

is there any censorship? :\


I love this manga, and I'm reading scanletions on Internet xD

Thank you very very much! >////<

Answer on Junjo Romantica, english manga edition :D Help! ♥?

Sorry if this isn't really answering the question but why don't you just buy the anime on ebay it isn't expensive either ...??

i've watched the anime and it's pretty good :) funny too

but be warned that sometimes in actual subbed anime that some have mistakes on them ( i know from experience and tolerated it) but they misspell the names and don't translate properly ... Watching the fan-subbed is more accurate in my opinion ...

Sorry that doesn't really answer the question