Saturday, November 19, 1994

How to discipline disciplinarians?

There is a new group around the world of about 10,000 people, they are all between about the age of 16 and 30 years of age; they have formed a club called 'Club Eagle' meaning freedom.
They orrigonate from Greece, and were mainly against Turks and the people of Northern Cyprus.

They are fighting against all the people in the world that are disciplinarians.
Anyone that is into corporal punishment of their children, such as with spanking and smacking could be attacked.
The club is getting bigger very fast, and has been around for the last 8 months; and hundred of people are joining it every day.
They are trying to use force to stop these people from using abuse, even by killings on some cases.

In Italy, 12 youths were asked to use the most profane, disgusting form of language that they could possibly use while shouting insults; for instance by saying "Old lady must suck my penis or die" for instance.
They recorded this behavior on a cassette tape.
While this happened, 6 people had hold of some explosives; such as Semtex, nitroglycerin and TNT.
They rigged up this building with these explosives, near were some people that represented the disciplinarian groups lived (making them significant enemy targets).
They then placed the cassette tape and the explosives into a old barn, which had loads of locks and bolted doors shutting all of these things in.
The idea was that at 3 am in the morning, the tape would be played on big speakers, wired to a small hi-fi system; which would rudely wake up the disciplinarians/right wing politician type people.
This would lead to the disciplinarians going down to the barn, to give them what they would believe to be rude teenagers; a damn good hiding. But because when they came to trying to force their way into it, they would call for as much help for their friends as possible.
Once all the 20 disciplinarians got into the barn, they would be greeted with a hi-fi system, 2 big speakers, and loads of explosives.
Some from outside using a mobile phone, would then press a button; and the disciplinarians would be basted into a trillion pieces; and their would be this grate explosion would could be heard from over 3 miles away.
This is what happened; and windows were shattered, blast damage could be seen for over 100 meters, and the barn would be a pile of burning ash.
There was a fire ball rising into the air, which was 25 meters across, and the shock wave blasted the traffic passing, pushing them across the roads. 30 trees came down, and all 20 people would kills and would spread across the town.

The next trap that they were originally planning is to rig lines of explosives along a cliff face near a open area.
They were to invite the disciplinarians to have a big fight in the middle, so that they would think that the others would turn up; when they got there, they would be greeted by an gaint rock-slide.

These people have blown up disciplinarians cars, and killed abusive parents.
One was found to have been dropped off a sky-scrapper from a 500 meter tall building in Malaysia.

What do you think of this immerging issue?


Answer on How to discipline disciplinarians?

seems like the Club Eagles need to be disciplined

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