Sunday, October 2, 1994

Could somebody please help me?

I am going to a huge event on the 16th of January! I am 15 and i weigh 12 and a half stone! Yes, i know that that's really bad for a 15 year old girl who is only 5''6!! I have been planning for weeks to go on the soup diet! From Research on the soup diet it is strongly recommended and i was told that it DOES WORK! My uncle lost 3 stone in 6 weeks and KEPT the weight off. Basically my question is...How many bowls should i take of home made veg soup, that WILL help me lose weight fast? I want to be 9-9.7 stone, so i am going to need something really strict!

PS: please just answer my question and don't give me any other lectures about being healthy, because being my weight is definitely not healthy!

Answer on Could somebody please help me?

dont just go on a diet, work out too. Lose those pounds.
swimming is a good recommendation