Sunday, September 4, 1994

So confused about relationship?

so im a 19 yr old guy. I dont drink or smoke and ive never had a girlfriend before...never even had my first kiss! i also wouldn't consider myself very good looking. Recently this girl that is friends with my friend started talking to me on facebook. she thinks im good looking and to be honest...i think the same of her. But heres the thing, shes a very like sexual girl and seems ready to give it up really easily. Shes already flashed me on skype. And im not gay or anything but i dont want a girl whose too trashy. I don't want to get into a relationship with her if its just going to revolve around sex. I dont know how to approach this.

Also, we've never met. were going to meet in two weeks when were both on break. Im in college and shes 17 and in high school. She turns 18 in September. And i dont want to go to jail here.

Answer on So confused about relationship?

id say let it go, shes too young for u and like u said u dont want to go to jail since shes a minor. for her to flash u like that and u dont like girls who do things like that. she seems like a slut sorry to say that but shes only wanting what u just told me. theres many girls out there, just be friends with her dont take it to the next level.