Thursday, September 1, 1994

I am 4 in a half months post partum and still 14 lbs overweight, what do I need to do to increase weightloss?

I currently weight 141 and my pre-preg weight is 127. I am also EBF. I read all of these stories how all of these women lose their weight like right after they get out of the hospital so I cannot help but feel discouraged about my weight. I gained 50lbs and alot of it was water weight. I really am pissed at my obgyn bc when I had an appt. about 2 wks before my due date the nurse noticed I gained like eight lbs in a wks time and tried to tell my obgyn my concerns and that i might have pree-eclampsia but my dr. insisted that I was normal although my blood pressure was extremely high. I feel that if she would have recognized the signs that I would not have had as much excess weight. Then it turned out that I did have pre-eclampsia and had to be put on magnesium intravaneously so I would not have a seizure.

Long story short I know I am ranting but my question is thus far am I going ok in terms of weight loss. I have noticed that I have larger thighs and hips and I try to target those areas but they seem as if they are here to stay. Everyone else says I look great and cant tell I have had a baby but I am still unhappy with this 141 lbs massive frame. I feel that if I can get at least in the 130 range that I can be satisfied but that does not seem like it is happening fast enough can anyone help.

Also although my skin is looser than what it was it is slowly starting to tighten up. How long does that process normally take until you no longer have the wrinkles etc. I know some of you are gonna say well it never tightens up blah blah blah (believe me I have done my research) but for those of you had had some wrinkled skin that did go back to looking somewhat normal how long did it take. I dont have saggy skin that hangs down low or the infamous 'mothers apron' just skin that seems like it is really loose.

Answer on I am 4 in a half months post partum and still 14 lbs overweight, what do I need to do to increase weightloss?

I gained 37 lbs with my daughter and lost 20 immediately, but I had to work out and eat right to lose the rest, it wont just come off by itself (trust me, most women do not lose all the weight immediately with no effort, a small percentage does) I worked out 5 x a week for 40 min doing circuit traing (I have the Insanity dvd, its like P90x but more cardio and you do not need weights, since you use your body for resistance) I checked an online calculator for my caloric needs for how much I was working out, I ate 1300-1500 (cycled my calories so my body didnt get used to eating a certain amount and plateau) I lost 1-2 lbs a week (which is healthy, trying to lose more or starve yourself will mess your metabolism in the long run and you may become a yo yo dieter and if you don't eat enough you lose muscle and will be flabby skinny which isn't nice.)
3500 calories= 1 lbs of fat
so lets say you burn 2200 calories a day you work out, if you eat 1500 that is a deficit of 700 cals a day which at the end of the week will be about 1.5 lbs of fat lost. Weight loss is calories in vs calories out, burn more than you eat and you will lose, drink lots of water as well.
Remember your body burns a lot just by breathing, staying alive this is called your BMR (basil metabolic rate) depending on you age weight and height you will get this number (1200-1500 usually) and then add whatever exercise on top of that. there are plenty of great online sites that help, I used Calorie and would keep track of calories in vs out as well as tell you what u should eat to lose. I lost 20 lbs in 2 months to get back to my normal size. Good luck and sorry for the length.

Oh and it stayed off, until I got pregnant again, I am 22 weeks with my second.