Saturday, August 6, 1994

10 POINTS! What do you think of me?

You don't need to read this all but just please skim because I promise to reward you with 10 points (guaranteed even check my other questions!)

My name is Leah and I just turned 13. I'm a scorpio and I love music (VersaEmerge,Rolling stones, the Beatles, Panic! at the disco, Lady gaga and more) loove the name Ember because I know nobody who has that name, and its a beautiful color/name. I play guitar and im gifted at piano because I can make any song any minute and remember it, and play any song by ear (at least that's what i hear from people around me!). I love looking at myself in the mirror and I remember the times I had the worst self esteem, I love how I look but I don't let myself look self - absorbed by posting millions of pictures on face book, I only have like three! I also sing and I remember I would always sing in front of my family and belt out "and many moreeeee!" and they would love it. I'm too shy to now and I hate disappointing my grandma.. I don't like girls who write all over their skin and are loud and obnoxious. I love to laugh but I can be serious - but lots of fun! Depends on my mood or music I listen to. I love to draw and I get many compliments, even though its not that hard at all!! I have good grades too. Leave a comment please, and tell me what I should do with my life because I am already secretly worried on what path to take (Oh please, why should I be NOW? lol) and I am not sure what I really am asking of you but please just leave a comment = 10 points
If you need any more info please don't hesitate to leave a comment and I will put extra details, so keep checking up!

Answer on 10 POINTS! What do you think of me?

You're educated, you have an eclectic taste in music, you're young, you don't need to be figuring your life out now, you can spell obnoxious (which I love.), you have a fair few paths in front of you, you totally contradict yourself, you are too eager to please people you don't know, you have a lovely name, you kind of judge others, you have excellent tastes in hobbies (I approve of the drawing very much!) but mostly, I know for sure you are far too good to have to get reviews from people on the internet.

You're thirteen! Don't ask us what we think of you, go out and make the world see who you are first hand.