Thursday, June 30, 1994

Confused on what this means ( please help )?

my instructions for a exemplification essay says "you will need to include an introduction, three different body paragraphs using three different illustrations to exemplify your theist"

Does that mean I can only use one example for each paragraph than explain that one example through the entire paragraph? For example: Dogs are good to have because of security, for instance if a person breaks into your house the dog will stop them ( than the essay keeps explaining how dogs can stop people from breaking into houses.)

Or can I use one overall example than a ton of little ones? For example: Dogs are good to have because of security, for instance if a person tries to break into your house the dog will stop him/her, or if a fire happens at night and you don't have fire alarms your dog can wake you up. Or if somebody is at the door your dog will alert you.

Answer on Confused on what this means ( please help )?

The second one. You use as many examples as you need to fully support your claim that dogs are good for security. Burglars is just one example; you then need a few more different ones, not an in-depth justification of just that one example.

Mixed Drinks using Mountain Dew?

All you bartenders of amatuer bartenders - do you have any drink recipes that include Mountain Dew or Diet Dew?

Answer on Mixed Drinks using Mountain Dew?

Drinks with Mountain Dew

6am Sunrise
Angry Chameleon
Arctic Mouthwash
Back-up Goalie
Banana JABS
Bleeding Orgasm
Brain Fart
Butch's Pink Panties
Butt Naked Kiwi
Captain Do
Cotton Candy
Depressed Goalie
Dew-Driver #2
Dewing the Captain
Dickel & Dew
Dog House Dew
Emerald Isle #2
Extreme Valentine
Flaming Huscroft
Flip Juice
Fluxuation Cocktail
Gideon's Green Dinosaur
Green Froggy
Green Summer
Incredible Hulk
Jack your melon
Jen's Mountain Gin
Lethal Weapon
Long Summer Night
Magic Dew
Malibu Dew
Mellow Hiker
Morning Dew
Mountain Cider High
Mountain Dang
Mountain Fk
Mountain Six
Mountain Sunrise
Mt. Fujiyama
Neon Voodoo
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster #3
Piss in the Snow
Real Pisser
Reptile (Orginal)
Shark's Nipple
Slap Your Mama
Southern Dew
Spearmint Lifesaver
Tequila Slammer
The Bartman
The Fuzzy Pissbomb
The Incredible Hulk
Titty Excreation
Topher Special
Transmission Overhaul
Tsunami #2
USD Sunset
Voodoo Dew
Water your melon
Watermelon Crawl #2
Wooholly Fck
Yellow Motherfkers
Yukon Dew Me