Wednesday, June 1, 1994

Can I change music today?

Todays music sucks so much! Lady gaga, justin bieber, Rihanna all those sucky singers.

But i'm in for the good music, from the 60's, 70's, the beatles, The rolling stones, all of them,

Would it be possible if i bring the good music back,
I'm writing some songs, and for now it just me and my guitar,

So would it be possible? : /

Answer on Can I change music today?

.the question is, is today's music ready for a change? i don't listen to the music of today but in the 50s elvis and jerry lee lewis changed pop to rock around 1955. in the early 60's dylan changed music for ever, foregoing 3 minute songs and repetition in lyrics some of his songs led to the resurgence of f.m. radio because they could play a 5 or 12 minute song. he put current affairs into his songs including some of the best poetry of the 20th century. he could rhyme 8 or more lines in a row while keeping those lines relevant??? to the song. bruce springsteen said that dylan made every song after like a rolling stone possible. michael jackson changed music by his excellent dancing.the list goes on and on. so yes you can change music but you'll need material to excite the public and more material to keep them interested and make other singers follow your lead. good luck to you because today's music is more vulgar than a joe pesci movie. and shows more female body parts than some r-rated movies