Monday, May 23, 1994

What am i at risk of?

Im only 13 and i weigh 13.9 stone (86kg). I am only about 5"0 foot tall !
I am currently classes as obese! If i ate more junk food, what would be my risks?
I am planning on loosing weight anyway. As my new lifestyle change i am going on a strict diet , and i am going to exercise everyday ! But anyway, say if i did gain weight, what would i be at risk of?

Answer on What am i at risk of?

I just know this from doctor shows, but I'm guessing:
-Heart problems, growth stuntage (not a word i know), broken-ish reproductive system and delayed puberty probably
-Bullying :s

How are the study abroad programs through college?

im about to be a senior and i have two choices for college.. a state school, or going to a comunity college and then going abroad to italy. its a big choice. opinions?
college expierience now when im young, travel later?
or travel when im young?

Answer on How are the study abroad programs through college?

While I understand that this is a huge choice for you. There is nothing saying you can't go to a state school and study abroad. There are numerous exchange programs through colleges that would be the same as your tuition. Scholarships and financial aid usually transfer for these programs. The program I went on was through a different college than the one I was attending. Due to the fact that we had an exchange policy for them I was able to go abroad for the same price it would have cost me to be on campus that year.