Thursday, May 12, 1994

Poll: Is your facebook lagging at the moment?

Mine is! >.>

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yes, all because of the blingblinglingbling chat thingy

My boyfriend makes me cry and feel depressed but i love him? its a little long but i need help!!!!!!!!!!?

its a little long.

k so my friends tell me to break up with him. but i seriously love him.
he treats me like crap i know that,
he goes like " my sis called uugly and ur only settling for me cuz u cnt get anyone else and i just said k." And so ireplyed and said Well ok. and he was like are you mad? ajnd I Said no. and he was like WHAT darn.
and i know his sister didn't say that she loves me and always calls me pretty. and my bf knows i have a low self esteem and i think im ugly and why would he tell me this. oh and this is like 2 hours after isaid goodnight to him and we stoped texting. it was so random.
and like today he waas all mad cuzi went to the justin bieber movie he thinks i like him more and stuff and i dunt i love justin but its like the way i love chocolate. i wouldn't marry justin i wouldn't want death notes everyday. but he doesnbt understand that so this mornign i texted him saying good morning (we do that everymorning) but he didn't reply. that was at 10 am and at 5 15pm i said hey.
and like at 10 45 he replied say thanks alot u texted me all the time while i was at my dads and now my ******* phone got tooken away and now i have to put my phone back BYE.
and yeah.
it was really mean and it doesn't make me feel good.
and my real name is miranda and we broke up because of it once
i go by mandi and he was like wow ur names miranda why the **** you didn't tell me
and iwas like idk youve known me since 5th grade, thought you knew (9th grade now)
and he was like no wtf.
and i was like well sorry?
and he was like i hate that ******* name .
and i said sorry id dint choose it and he was like well i cnt see my self with a miranda, ****.
and i was like oh ohkk.
and he was like yeah ****.
And iwas like so we breaking up
and he was like yup. sorry mirandas were mean to me in the past.
and then like 10 mins later he was like im srry didnt mean to but lets get back togeteher.
and ILOVEHIM so i did
.and this was like 2 months ago, i really dont want to leave him and i know it would be the best.
but idk how i could do it. with relationshipos there no good to me anytmore i ALWAYS Get hurt and i cry everynight now. my last relatrionship wasnt any better.
Help Me.
And dunt just say leave him, i want advice on what to do.
oh and if i confront him about this he would get all butthurt and be like fine well lets end it you hate me and not love me anymore and he wont stop untill he gets his way and its not something i want togo thtough again.

IM NOT DOING THIS FOR ATTENTION. it litteraly just happened. i just need help and someone to talk to about this cuz my bestfriends went to sleep and hes not texting me anymore.

Answer on My boyfriend makes me cry and feel depressed but i love him?its a little long but i need help!!!!!!!!!!?

If he treats like cr*p than you shouldn't date him !