Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wondering whether to lose or gain weight? Can chat via e-mail.?

Hi, I'm going Florida in 3 weeks with my friends and have loads of fat rolls on my belly. I started gaining loads of weight when I was about 11, because I got hooked on donuts and cookies. I can't stop eating food, and have about 25 donuts a day at my friends house. I'm not that bothered about being fat, and my friends aren't either. I'm just worried that everyone will look at my flab when I'm wearing my bikini. All of my friends wear bikini's even though they have loads of rolls, and they're not bothered whether people look. I've tried dieting and exercising, but it makes no difference. I'm not sure whether to just not care and keep on eating like I do now. If anyones got any tips for losing weight please put the, but if I can't lose weight by the time I've been to Florida I won't be bothered anymore and will just keep on eating loads. I'm 14, 4'9 and weigh 240 pounds.
If you want to chat my e-mail address is Thanks.

Answer on Wondering whether to lose or gain weight? Can chat via e-mail.?

Don't worry about how you look - just stop eating those donuts and cookies. It's a recipe for disaster. Eat healthy food instead and go out and do some fun activities.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weight reduction - need to lose 50 pounds?

Weight reduction - need to lose 50 pounds?
I am a 20 year old girl, 5 feet 2 inches and 196 pounds. As per my Body Mass Index calculations, I am overweight by at-least 50 pounds. I haven't been lean a single day in my life and its primarily due to my unhealthy eating habits and lack of awareness of nutrition and workout I need to do.

I need help in planning a proper diet and workout regime which I can manage keeping in mind weight loss goal with a long term perspective.

Can you help me?

Answer on Weight reduction - need to lose 50 pounds?

The first thing you need to realize is that this will need to be done one step at a time. You've already acknowledged that this must be long term, and that is great. But to implement a complete change of lifestyle, you can't jump in and do everything all at once. This will lead to burn out and failure.

I'd say change your eating habits first. Getting proper nutrition will leave you feeling more energetic and prepared to tackle an exercise routine. Strive to get 5 or 6 servings of vegetables and fruit every day. For meal like lunch and dinner, eat your fruits and veggies first, so that if you get full before you finish your meal, you've eaten the most important parts. Try to choose lean meats (or other proteins, if you're a vegetarian), avoiding fried meat when you can. Eat whole grains and complex carbs, avoiding refined carbohydrates - eat things like whole wheat pasta or potatoes, for example. Eat slowly, take your time, this will allow your body to recognize when it's full and help you avoid overeating. Don't deny yourself the things you enjoy completely, don't completely cut out junk food and sweets. A person only has so much willpower, and doing this will cause counterproductive splurges later on.

Now the running part (since you're in the running section). You must start out slow, and small. Doing too much, too soon, can lead to injury. It is OK to walk some if you need to, since you're just starting out. Try to get 30 minutes of exercise (jogging/walking) 3 times a week. Once you're in better shape, you can do more when you think you are ready. If you find you really dislike running, don't do it. Find something else. One of the main reasons people don't stick to exercise is that it becomes a chore, boring, redundant, something that they don't like. Find activities that you enjoy, and you'll enjoy exercise.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Where can i check the license of a minicab company?

Hi there,
i am going to book a cab from gatwick airport. i ve found a company a bit cheaper than the others, the internet site seems very well made and they seem serious. There is a license number and i would like to check if it's real or not before to book online!
Is there a way to check the license online, since i am in italy at the moment?
Thank you so much for your help

Answer on Where can i check the license of a minicab company?

They are licenced with their local council authority - the licence should give their name, you can then contact them directly via email or their website;…

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Selena gomez hair and makeup?

Hey so today I was looking at poster and selena gomez hair just stood out at me and I have curly hoar more like wavy am I want it to be pretty and I don't wear make up and I'm fourteen. A boy likes me and I want to be pretty :) I have a scar on my chin and everyone notices it and can I cover that up and I guess ""I walk funny"" please help anthjing :)

Answer on Selena gomez hair and makeup?

Well, first of all if the guy already likes u u must be pretty to him :) also, just pratcice walking around your house and video tape it to see what it looks like until u walk normally. Finally, yea they sell scar coverup lots of places just go to sephora or something. :) good luck!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Seeing justin bieber at 02 arena no id !?

Me and my friend are going to see justin bieber but we're both 14 i booked the ticket without knowing the age policy. We both look 16 do you think they will .id. Us if we look 16 and what will they do if they dont let us in ??

Answer on Seeing justin bieber at 02 arena no id !?

they NEVER id people unless its 18+ don't worry

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I want to go on a vegetarian diet for a while.?

Any yummy recipes you can suggest would be great! I love all kinds of veggies!

Answer on I want to go on a vegetarian diet for a while.?…

Good luck and enjoy!

Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm going to travel together with my 2 brothers around europe for 21 days.?

I'd like to know if someone can give some tips for the best route.
That should include: Paris, Amsterdam, Italy, Barcelona, Berlin, Zurich and maybe Austria, Prague...
Any ideas about the best transport to be used around this cities?
Please help!!!
Thank you

Answer on I'm going to travel together with my 2 brothers around europe for 21 days.?

Seems like you're thinking of travelling capital cities, so assuming that, your trip if possible will include Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Zurich, Vienna and Prague.

A possible route, without backtracking, would be :
Paris - Barcelona - Rome - Zurich - Vienna - Prague - Berlin - Amsterdam.

To be honest, 7-8 cities in 21 days is really not feasible, unless you plan to barely skim the cities by, say, arriving in one, going on hop-on, hop-off buses and take a quick tour, see one or two main sights, and out of the city to the next destination.

I would suggest cutting the number of the cities down (and thus also reducing your transportation costs) to 4, at most 5. Perhaps to something like Paris - Rome - Zurich - Berlin - Amsterdam, or Paris - Rome - Vienna - Berlin - Amsterdam.

To travel between these cities, the most convenient option would be by train. For two cities with longer distance e.g. Paris-Rome, Rome-Vienna, you can consider taking overnight train. This way you'll waste less day time in travel, and you'll save some money by not having to pay an accommodation (hotel/hostel) for the night.

It may be worth it for you to get an Eurail railpass. Given your itinerary, the suitable pass is the global pass and for a pass that allows 10 days travel within 2 months it costs 393 Euro if you're 25 or younger, on a second class train ride. If you're taking overnight train or high speed train, there are supplementary charges.

Research the ticket prices for individual journeys first, and the earlier you get them the chepaer they tend to be. Normally tickets can be bought up to 3 months prior to travelling date. If they add up to be cheaper than the rail pass price (remember to account for supplementary charges where applicable) then don't get the rail pass and just buy the tickets accordingly.

As for travel within these cities, like all good European cities, within the city center area, walking is actually the best option most of the time. And it's free. I walk pretty much everywhere in these cities when I visited them (so good and comfortable walking shoes are important!) ;)

Otherwise, metro/underground, buses and trams are the other ways to travel within the cities. They also use the same ticket between the different systems, which is very handy. Here are some tips on what I'm familiar with the public transports in the cities that I've travelled to multiple times that I know more than just walking around or buying single tickets as I went along.

a) Paris - Tickets can be bought from ticket machines/counters at metro/RER stations, or from the tabac around the city. A carnet of 10 tickets costs 11.40 Euro and each ticket is good for a single journey in Paris central zone. Single ticket is 1.60 Euro each. The one day Mobilis ticket (zone 1-2, for use in the city, 5.80 Euro) is not worth it unless you plan to travel at least 5 journeys or more in a day on the public transport system. Don't get the Paris Visite card - it's a rip off.

There are Velib bicycles everywhere in the city that you can take out for use at minimal costs (as cheap as 1 Euro per day) but I wouldn't really advise first time visitors to be cycling in Paris as the traffic can be quite daunting.

b) Barcelona - Get a T10 ticket at 7.20 Euro - this ticket allows multi person usage for 10 rides. Otherwise there's also unlimited travel tickets, e.g. 2 days ticket for 10 Euro. Getting from one quarter to another may be easier using the public transport, since the city is quite a sprawl between districts.

c) Rome - Get the tickets at the tabacchi. Single ticket is 1 Euro each, and is valid for unlimited travel within 75 minutes following ticket validation. Otherwise the day ticket is 4 Euro, or 4 days ticket is 11 Euro. The ticket is also valid for using the underground/metro. Be careful while you're using the public transport (esp on main tourist bus routes and when it's busy and packed) as pickpockets are in operation and they are very very quick!

d) Vienna - Tickets can be purchased at machines/kiosks at the train stations, or from tabak. Single ticket is 1.70 Euro, a 24-hour ticket is 5.70 Euro, or a three-day pass for 13.60 Euro.

e) Amsterdam - This is one city where people are either walking or cycling. You can rent a bike for 7-10 Euro per day. If you are walking, keep an eye on the cyclists. Goodness know how many times I was nearly ran over by them.